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Principal's Message

Posted Date: 06/21/2016

Most people outside of the education world don’t realize what goes on in schools. Kids stream into buildings in the morning and out in the afternoon, and what goes on inside those buildings is a bit of a enigma to all but those inside. Parents find themselves mystified, particularly when their children respond to questions about what they did that day with the all-purpose phrases, “Nothing”, and “I don’t know”.

If you are curious, check in the office to get a visitor’s pass, and wander around our school and get a sense of atmosphere and general purpose. You will see people with a sense of pride in what they do. Students will be actively engaged in learning. You can look at the display of student work that increases in complexity and sophistication throughout the grade levels. If you have more time, with permission, you can sit in on one or more classrooms and get a sense of the A-rated instruction that takes place at GCMS. You will find happy and engaged teachers and students. Come join us at Gary E. Cobb Middle School where---

                           “Winning teachers are teaching Winning students”.