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School Supply Lists

Genoa Central School District

2017-2018 Middle School Supply List

5th Grade Supply List

Trapper Keeper type binder

4 pocket folders with holes (Lang. Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies)

Pocket folder- Music

WIDE-rule notebook paper

1-single subject spiral notebook- WIDE-rule

Composition Notebook WIDE-rule

Pencils only ( not mechanical)

Zipper pencil pouch with holes

Colored pencils

Grading Pens


2-boxes Kleenex(homeroom only)

Locker Rental Fee: $3.00

Science Fee: $2.00

PE clothes and small PE bag (shirt, shorts, deodorant and tennis shoes)

Boys- colored copy paper, wipes:baby or disinfecting Lysol Wipes,1 lg. Elmer’s liquid glue(art supplies)

Girls- cardstock(colored or white), construction paper, Germ-X/hand sanitizer

No purchased locks- All must be rented from the school office.

6th Grade Supply List

No purchased locks- All locks must be rented from the school office- $3.00 fee. NO backpacks, book bags, or zippered binders. It is the responsibility of the student to keep and maintain an adequate supply of school materials

Classroom use- last name A-C will bring Kleenex, last name D-I will bring Clorox wipes, last name J-P will bring Germ X and last name Q-Z will bring Ziploc bags. 

Individual Student Use: 3 Ring Binder, Pencil pouch, Pencils, 1 set of earbuds, Colored pencils/sharpener, Red pens or pencils, Highlighters- yellow

English- 3 subject spiral notebook

Math- 3 subject spiral notebook, calculator( TI 30XII)

Music/Art- 1 box 24 ct. Crayons, 1 folder

Physical Ed- shorts, t-shirt, gym shoes, locker friendly gym bag

Science-  $2.00 fee ( supplies will be purchased by teacher)

Social Studies- 1” white clear view binder, 1 pkg. dividers, loose leaf notebook paper

Computer Class- 1 folder with pockets

7th Grade Supply List

3 packages #2 pencils (one for art, one to keep*, one to turn into 1st period+)

Red grading pens

4 pink erasers (art) 

Cap erasers*


Colored pencils+


3- Loose leaf paper( Math binder, SS binder, Lit folder, Personal binder*)

2-Pocket folder with brads (Literacy and Computer Lab)

1-Spiral Notebook-wide rule (Literacy)

2- Clear View Binders (Must be one inch) (Math and SS)

2- Packages of dividers ( Math Binder and SS binder)

Pencil pouch*

Kleenex- 2 boxes+

Girls- Clorox wipes+

Boys-Ziploc Bags+

Ear Buds*

Scientific Calculator (TI 30XIIS)*

Zippered Binder- Optional 

+Turn in to your 1st period teacher+

 * Keep in your pencil pouch to bring to each class daily*

$2.00 supply fee-paid to science teacher

$3.00 Locks rental fee- NO purchased locks will be allowed. 

NO back packs will be allowed on campus. Please label all items with your first and last name. All supplies may be brought to school during Meet the Teacher night on August 10, 2017. 

8th Grade Supply List

 No purchased locks. Locks must be rented ($3.00) from the school office.

Homeroom- 2 boxes Kleenex, 1 container Clorox wipes

Social Studies- 3 ring binder/1 inch with pockets

Math- calculator ( TI84- can be used throughout high school), Composition notebook

English- 3 ring binder ( no large zipper binders), Pkg. of dividers with tabs, NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS

Science- $2.00 for science supplies

Career Orientation/Computer Tech- 1 blue folder w/pockets, ear buds

Art- Girls- 1 box gallon Ziploc bags, 1 box markers

      Boys- 1 box quart Ziploc bags, 1 box markers

Physical Ed- shorts, t-shirt, gym shoes

Music- pencil

Supplies needed for all 8th grade classes that will need to be replenished throughout the year: Colored pencils, Notebook pape WiDE rule, Highlighter, #2 pencils